Are you part of the #DreamTeam?

Get a chance to go to the heart of all things innovative, Silicon Valley.

The ASES Bootcamp for Career Design

ABCD serves as your stepping stone into a remarkable career. Following an innovative, track-oriented process, students will learn to identify their key strengths and discover impactful solutions to various problems in our technological sphere, while connecting with like-minded individuals. Bootcamp culminates in a final case presentation, in which teams of students present their solutions to a panel of esteemed judges.

What makes up the #DreamTeam?

The Hacker

The Hacker eats, sleeps and breathes code. With a knack for spreadsheets and all things data, the hacker is in charge of one of the hardest tasks — creating the actual product. The Hacker is instrumental in choosing the coding environment and platform for the business to sustain growth.

The Hustler

The Hustler eats, sleeps and breathes the business model. The Hustler has a keen eye for numbers, such as financials, cost structure and user metrics, can speak to the long and short-term vision of the business, and can make investor pitches and tough decisions.

The Hipster

The Hipster eats, sleeps and breathes design. This is the designer that makes sure the product is delivering the best customer experience. The Hipster sets best practices in design, brand identity building, user experience, and the look and feel of the product.

Our Program


July 28: Know Yourself

Self-development talks by prominent individuals will be held. At the end of the day the participants will be tasked to create their own life trajectory, which will help them have a better understanding of themselves on what they want to achieve, why they want to achieve it, and how they want to achieve it.


July 29: Build Yourself

Workshops on business model creation, UI/UX, analytics, and more will be offered to the participants. These activities will help the participants learn more about their chosen fields so that they may be able to sharpen and develop the skills they need to achieve their goals. Later in the day, the participants will be given time with their teams to better prepare for the pitching competition the next day.


August 4: Pitch Yourself

Participants will be given a case to work on and pitch to a panel of esteemed figures from their fields. After the winners are announced, a farewell dinner will follow at a nearby restaurant to close the event.

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The ASES Summit at Stanford University

Our friends at Stanford are always in the lookout for fresh ideas and the people who make them. This is why the winning team at the bootcamp will get a personal invite to the 2019 ASES Stanford Summit, with the following details at their website:


Inclusive of food and participant kit

Early Bird - Individual

Offer valid until June 30

Php 1,200
    Apply Now

    Early Bird - Group

    For one Hacker, one Hustler, and one Hipster.Offer valid until June 30

    Php 3,600
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      Regular Application

      Ends July 15

      Php 1,400

        Group Application

        For one Hacker, one Hustler, and one Hipster. Ends July 15.

        Php 4,200


          Do we enter the competition as teams or as individuals?

          Both. The bootcamp accepts individual applications as well as team applications. The individuals applying will be assessed and teamed up by the ASES Manila team.

          Where will the event take place?

          The ASES Manila Bootcamp will be held in the Makati-BGC area. Final venues will be e-mailed to the accepted applicants.

          Who can apply?

          Only college students and incoming senior high school students (Grade 12) will be allowed to join the bootcamp.

          Are we allowed to select only one track for the Bootcamp?

          Yes, applicants must select only one track for the Bootcamp. There are three tracks available: Hustler, Hacker, and Hipster.

          Can I attend only one or two days?

          Unfortunately, we will not allow that. Participants must be present on all three days.

          What does the fee include?

          The fee covers food for all three days (lunch and merienda), and the Bootcamp participant kit.

          Will there be overnight housing?

          There is no housing for the Bootcamp. Each day is scheduled to end at 6:30pm. Participants may go home or find a place to stay.

          When will the results of the applications be announced?

          Results of the applications will be released on a rolling basis.

          How can I send my payment?

          Once your application has been accepted, you will be given instructions through e-mail on how to deposit your payment to confirm your slot.

          About ASES Manila

          ASES Manila is the local chapter of the Asia-Pacific Student Entrepreneurship Society, a global business organization founded in Stanford. Our vision is to create an international entrepreneurship network that helps foster a new generation of entrepreneurs ready to innovate in the ever-changing global market.